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Two Right Sidebars

Two sidebars on the right of the entries give extra space for info and nice lines.

 Purple  Blue  Green  Orange  Mauve  Red  Yellow


Muted colors work nicely with a dark frame around the text.

 Purple  Blue  Burgundy  Olive  Brown  Teal


Black headers and boxes around entries.

 Gold  Peach  Pink  Plum  Sky  Sea  Mint

Bright Background

Silvery blocks are matched with bright backgrounds.

 Red  Purple  Pink  Orange  Green  Blue  Black

Light Small

Soft tones of color and clean headers and borders.

 Green  Gray  Indigo  Lavendar  Mint  Pink  Purple  Tan

Clean Stripes

Stripes of colors with clean borders and floating sidebars.

 Yellow  Turquoise  Purple  Pink  Peach  Green  Gray


Condensed width and dark background provide a touch of class. Inspired by a Blogger default template.

 Blush  Green  Lilac  Orange  Sky

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