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By adding a graphic header to a blogstyles template, you can make it have even more of a personal look. A coordinating image will be made to fit your purchased stylesheet and site title. This special offer is only valid when purchasing a stylesheet from this site at the same time.

  1. Find a stylesheet that you like on the site and add it to your shopping cart.
  2. Pick a font style. Several option are listed below, but if you would just like something picked to compliment the set, use the OTHER option. For font style examples, you can check out my Fonts Organized page. If you'd like a specific font, be sure to pick a category in case the font isn't available to me for commercial use.
  3. Choose a title. Make sure and use the exact wording you'd like the graphic to show.
  4. Add any notes. If you have a particular shape or feeling you'd like illustrated, note this. This will only accent the title; simple shapes or designs only. View the example screen shots for samples.
  5. Ensure that you order the graphic with a stylesheet. This is where the colors for the graphic will come from.

Image Text
Font Style
Please include your URL and any other notes for the graphic upon checkout.


These examples will give you an idea for how the graphic titles will fit in with your purchased template. Click each for a full screenshot.

Note - any page that this image is used on is required to have a linkback to blogstyles.
Terms are as follows:
  • A linkback to is required on every page that the stylesheet appears on.
  • Purchase of one stylesheet gives permissions for use on one site.
  • This stylesheet should not be used on any commercial sites, or distributed on any other pages.
  • The stylesheet must be used on your server and not linked to from mine.
  • No major changes to this stylesheet should be made on your own.

Testing for older browsers will only be done on request - Mozilla 1.3+ is blogstyles' browser of choice, and older browsers may not render the designs in the same way.
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