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Portal Page - using PHP to gather multiple blog snippits

Instructions and requirements for use:
I created my portal to keep track of all of the bookmarks and things that I need on a daily basis. Its the homepage in my browser.

I took a copy of my info and commented it up and made up a few stylesheets. I use MT to generate all of the content, but this doesn't necessarily need to be inside of MT to work. I have it in my lovelinks blog linked to a template and set to not rebuild just so its easy to update.

The following styles will work with this, just download the one you want and change the link in the php page to reflect the name of the one you want.

blue bumble bee bright pink red light mint light blush
Feel free to modify these, but if you'd like, keep the blogstyles link on it (you can change it to "inspired by blogstyles" or something like that.)

First step would be determining which blogs you have on your system that you'd like to include on your portal page. This will determine which blogs need new Index templates created.

For each blog, create a new Index Template.
Name it Updates with an Output file of up.html.

Paste one of the following codes sections into the Template Body of the template screen, depending on what type of blog you are creating the update for:

Main blog updates

Secondary blog updates (possible links blog)

Alternative Secondary blog updates

Recent Comments

If you are using the photoblog template, this code will show you the latest entry:

Now pull it all together:
This file should be named with a .php extension

A few extra notes of things that I use on my site...

A sample of php include code follows -
<? include('/home/USERNAME/public_html/blogdirectory/up.html'); ?>

For more information, you might check out these link from the MT forums:
Topic: Recently Updated Blogs, how to show recently updated blogs
Topic: Most recent entries list, for ALL blogs
MT hacks: Multiple blog Updates List

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